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The Chicago Maker Space is a creators' workplace born of the need for artists to continue their practice beyond post-secondary or institutional training. Founders Eli Merritt  and Sam Merritt have designed an open studio-style environment equipped with a metal and wood shop along with four private, 10' x 10' studio spaces available for rent. Centrally located at the Bridgeport Arts Center. (Enter on North side off of Racine Ave / 34th Place)


Open to the general public but aimed at serving the professional working artist, the space offers classes as well as personalized individual instruction an additional cost. 


The shop floor consists of a 1700 square-foot workshop divided into separate wood and metal shops as well as a grinding/finishing room. The 10' x 10' studios offer artists a private, secure, and contained work space. The common making spaces along with individual studios are designed to create an efficient, productive, and supportive community for artists. 


Workshop hours:



* Hours Subject to Change month to month 

Eli Merritt

Co-founder, Executive Director
SAIC '19 - BFA
Departmental assistant,
Wood/Metal shop x4 years

Blacksmith/Metalworking instructor at CIADC
Sam Merritt

Co-founder, Event Coordinator & Sales Manager
Swarthmore College '18

BS degree in Engineering  

More About CMS

The Chicago Maker Space is committed to fostering diversity in the Art world.

Diversity is an inclusive concept and encompasses, without limitation, race, color, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, religion, nationality, age, disability and marital and parental status. With greater diversity, we can be more creative, effective and just, bringing more varied perspectives, experiences, backgrounds, talents and interests to the practice of artistic creation. The Chicago Maker Space provides a safe space that is dedicated to maintaining an inclusive environment where everyone feels welcomed and comfortable.











The Chicago Maker Space Grace Foundation works to provide a once a month community outreach program for local youth. The program is designed to engage young creative minds with materials, tools and opportunity to spark the imagination and inspire further creative thinking. The Grace Foundation aims to help personal identity development and creativity through visual arts in a fun and inclusive environment. 

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