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Cabinetry and Case Making 

with Rick Yorde


This two week course serves as an introduction to cabinetry and case making, where you will learn the basics of cutting, joining, and assembly to create a scaled-down cabinet or end table/night stand to take home. In this class you will learn to use the table saw, miter saw, hand drill, joiner, sanders, and more. Knowledge from this class can be applied to larger future projects such as kitchen cabinets, book cases, and coffee tables. Sign up for our waitlist to learn how to build your own custom furniture this summer!


Level 2 and 3 continuation of this course to come in the future.




  • Class size: 8

  • Ages 18 and up

  • All skill levels welcome

  • Fee: $185 (all materials included)




email to join the waitlist for future classes

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